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My love for cooking came from my grandmother. She introduced me to some of the most memorable dishes I’ve ever tasted.  Every time she cooked, it was a magical event.  She was absolutely dedicated to cooking.  In the morning, while we sat eating breakfast she would be rummaging away in the pantry making sure none of the ingredients were missing.  At tea time she would wash her vegetables and gently lay them out to dry. Shortly before lunch she would prep the food and then at precisely 4 PM begin cooking dinner.


As a child I would  watch with wonder as she danced around adding various spices and herbs to her dishes. One day I asked her why her food was irresistibly delicious? She giggled and whispered in my ear, “love”.  The time, dedication and love that my grandmother poured into her dishes ignited my love for cooking.


Cooking has always been a creative, relaxing and fun outlet.  There’s nothing more therapeutic than losing myself in the rituals of chopping, stirring and tasting.  By the age of nine, I began experimenting in the kitchen.  In all honesty, I’ll admit that back then most of my creations were, as my four year old would put it, "yuck!"  Yet, with my grandmother’s kind encouragement my love for cooking grew, as did my love for watching people enjoy it.

After spending many years abroad I’ve managed to soak up recipes and techniques from all over the World. Now, more than ever I’m excited to bring to life unusual combinations of tastes and flavours to our little corner of the World. It’s my hope to serve flavourful, mouth watering healthy traditional and fusion dishes that use thoughtfully sourced ingredients.  


Cooking has ensured my family’s well being and connection to other generations.  We cook together and eat together, which means more quality time together.  In today's busy World, it’s my hope that I can offer you exciting healthy meal options that will allow you to spend more quality time enjoying your family and friends.  


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